Aluminum WelderA knowledgeable aluminum welder is familiar with the many intricacies that influence the metal fabrication process. The strength and aesthetic look of the finished product are ultimately dictated by the skill that the aluminum welder brings to the project. At AP Precision Metals, our team takes special considerations to manipulate both cold-worked aluminum alloys and age-hardened aluminum. By utilizing the correct surface preparation techniques and welding gases, we provide outstanding work for clients from a range of industries including aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics, mechanics, architectural, and biotechnology maufacturers.

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum alloys are valued for their low in density and resistance to corrosion. However, these properties force aluminum welders to use special techniques during the fabrication process. Aluminum alloys conduct heat at a rate that’s 3 to 5 times faster than steel. Consequently, an aluminum welder must use more heat input, despite working at a lower melting point. This special characteristic requires the fabricator to exact more control over the heat and speed of the torch. To support this technique, we also utilize Argon gas and other formulas which help improve the efficiency of the weld.

Material Preparations & Other Considerations

Aluminum alloys are coated in a thin, oxide film. In order to correctly process this material, an aluminum welder must carefully remove this surface material to avoid contaminating the weld. The oxide film can be removed with chemical, electrical, or mechanical methods, but should always be handled by an experienced technician to avoid damage to the surface. Improperly cleaned aluminum can lead to sub-par welds and material contamination. This is especially important for our clients in the medical and technology industries who require a refined final product.


Our Commitment to Quality

At AP Precision Metals, we take quality seriously. Our aluminum welders are experienced in working with materials with high thermal conductivity and plan and execute each project with accuracy and detail. Since our start, we’ve been producing products for robotics companies and other high-tech organizations that demand a strict attention to detail. Accuracy, precision, and craftsmanship are central to our ethos. We operate a specialized quality assurance department to ensures our facilities run according to ISO 9001 and CE certified standards.


Our Clients & Consultations

Southern California’s growing technology industry created the need for high quality, custom metal fabrication. Our level of craftsmanship along with our extensive knowledge metals and fabrication techniques has made us a leader in the industry. We currently work with a huge range of clients: from burgeoning technology entrepreneurs creating prototypes, to established defense contractors executing large-scale government projects, we cater to all. This breadth of industry experience allows us to provide suggestions to improve the efficiency and quality of your metal fabrication project. Our friendly team is happy to take the time to review your overall goals and suggest welding and other fabrication processes that will guarantee a precise and durable outcome. Give us a call today to discuss your project and see how we might help, or take a look at our welding services page to see what else we offer.