Contract Manufacturing

Capacity AP Precision Metals keeps its standard production level below 30% of maximum capacity. This allows us to accommodate rapid production increases, expedited prototypes, and other special projects. This flexible, yet conservative, production model, allows us to be a stable supplier for our clients no matter their size and regardless of fluctuations in the economy.

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Precision Metal Fabrication

EQUIPMENT Fiber Laser: Complex curves, high-tolerance parts, high-efficiency yields, thin components, etching, and thick plate. Turret Punch: Low cost production of medium tolerance components, weldments, stamped parts, louvers, logos and other formed features. CNC Press Breaks: A wide range of press breaks allow us to handle small components and large architectural panels. In combination with

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Made In the USA

AP Precision Metals is based in San Diego and serves many Southern California businesses with international customer bases. While many of our competitors have moved some or all of their fabrication jobs to Mexico for increased profit margins, we’re proud to continue providing both high-quality jobs to San Diego residents and the highest quality products

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