• Fiber Laser: Complex curves, high-tolerance parts, high-efficiency yields, thin components, etching, and thick plate.
  • Turret Punch: Low cost production of medium tolerance components, weldments, stamped parts, louvers, logos and other formed features.
  • CNC Press Breaks: A wide range of press breaks allow us to handle small components and large architectural panels. In combination with our local laser cutting capabilities we are able to make low-cost specialty tooling for unique forming jobs.
  • Welding: Our certified welders perform GMAW, GTAW, Stick Welding, Spot Welding, and brazing for a wide range of customer products.
  • Powder Coating: In-house powder-coat capabilities are critical to the high-quality finishes and rapid delivery we provide our customers.
  • QC / ISO Compliance: AP Precision has a dedicated QC department which guarantees consistent quality of production and accurate quantity and date of delivery. Many of our customers are ISO 9001 and CE certified companies. For this reason AP Precision operates with ISO Standards necessary for our customers to meet their requirements.

Industries that rely on AP Precision

  • Architectural: Gutters, louvers, fascia panels, downspouts, brackets, and industrial powder coat finishes, all certified for rugged outdoor applications.
  • Computing: Electronic cabinets, enclosures and server towers with water-shear and water-tight assembly methods.
  • Robotics: Internal components and electronic enclosures for cutting edge robotic welding equipment.
  • Bio-Medical: Laser cutting, ultra-clean finishes and ROHS Certified materials critical to products used in the medical field.
  • Military: Wide range of fabrication for military safety equipment and prototypes.
  • Civil: Our components are critical to industrial water filtration systems used in counties across the United States
  • Power Generation: Our our products are used in equipment critical to the Oil, Nuclear and Wind Energy industries
  • Consumer Goods: Keychains, bottle openers, stamped accessories
  • Lighting: Light shrouds, hydroponics, mirrored finishes, at the low costs critical to this industry
  • Luxury Goods: Internal and cosmetic components of high-end luxury products

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