When your business needs laser cutting, it can feel overwhelming to find the right place for your job. Laser cutting is a fabrication process where technicians make precise cuts in a wide array of materials. Laser cutting can be utilized for mass productions or for unique one of a kind pieces. At AP Precision Metals, we have you covered. Here at AP Precision Metals, we use state of the art technology in the form of fiber laser technology. Fiber lasers are the best option because of the enhanced power they bring to this process. Not only will you benefit from our high-quality fabrication, but with local laser cutting in San Diego, you can count on our friendly and professional service throughout the process.

Our Process

First, we bring your idea to life in a graphic format. This is the design phase of the project where we work to create exactly what it is you want. That file is then converted into a vector file. This allows our laser cutting machine to know what parameters to work with. We pride ourselves on the customization options we offer our clients. That means you can choose the size and shape of the design, as well as the number of pieces you would like to cut out. Next, using thermal separation, our laser cutter will make the cuts we specified at the requested depths. Depth options allow you to decide whether you want to separate the material, as would be accomplished with deeper cuts, or simply engrave the image, as would be accomplished with shallow cuts. This is totally at the discretion of the client, but if you are unsure we are happy to assist and advise you on what will look best.

Materials We Work With

At AP Precision Metals, we work with a range of materials. Whether you already have something in mind or are looking for guidance in choosing which metal will best suit your needs, we are here to help.

Copper Laser Cutting

When it comes to Copper Laser Cutting, traditional methods don’t quite work. Copper, because it is a reflective metal, reflects rather than absorbs infrared laser light. As a result, copper poses a unique challenge to metal fabricators. By using the correct temperature, angle, speed, and gas-use, we are able to make cutting copper possible. There is also an advantage to copper laser cutting, in that it is less likely to warp or damage the metal compared to traditional methods.

Brass Laser Cutting

Due to the specific qualities of brass, there are small differences between traditional laser cutting and Brass Laser Cutting. Since brass is more reflective than steel a shorter wavelength must be used. At AP Precision Metals, we can guarantee a precise cut and a final product you’ll be proud of.

Titanium Laser Cutting

Titanium is one of the most popular metals on the market due to its unique characteristics. Titanium Laser Cutting can produce high volume orders in a short time span. While there are unique challenges, like the potential for micro-cracks, we use a specially calculated cutting speed and high-pressure nitrogen to prevent such issues.

The Local Advantage

By using AP Precision Metals, you’ll have the advantage of using a local company. That means no long shipping delays or communication confusion. You’ll feel great supporting a local company and can feel confident in the high-quality service we provide. Get started today and give us a call.

Our custom sheet metal shop is committed to quality through every step of the process. From providing an accurate, detailed estimate to correctly packing and shipping your order, we know that consistent, high-quality work is what keeps our customers coming back. Each quote includes specifications for sheet metal type, tolerances, quantities, turnaround time, and delivery costs. Once we’ve aligned on your project, the custom sheet metal fabrication starts with an in-house production roadmap, ensuring that every part is accurately processed and labeled. Our quality control department operates according to ISO 9001 standards, and our packing and shipping department takes care to ensure that every order arrives un-damaged and on time.

Need a quote for your next laser cutting project?

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