Laser Cutting San Diego

Laser cutting is a fabrication method by which the technicians here in our SanLaser Cutting in San Diego Diego location are able to make incredibly precise cuts in a wide range of materials. This is a process that can be geared towards high-output production projects, or one-off custom designs. Think hundreds of creatively designed christmas tree ornaments, or a raw steel address sign as a housewarming gift. With AP Precision’s state of the art fiber-laser cutting technology, you are sure to be satisfied with the end product.

AP Precision employs state of the art fiber-laser technology for cutting a wide range of metals. Fiber-lasers work so well with this application because of the enhanced power brought to you by the fiber itself. The glass fiber of a fiber-laser effectively acts as a multifaceted mirror. Picture a tall, thin skyscraper that has countless windows facing in a myriad of different directions. The laser is able to work more effectively through the this glass fiber.

The laser beam is directed through the fiber. The fiber has rare earth elements within in, which act as a medium to help the fiber to absorb laser photons. Surrounding the fiber is a mirror cladding that bounces any errant laser photons back into the fiber, thus magnifying the strength of the laser. This process produces a high-powered and incredibly precise cutting technique, that boast cutting tolerances of plus or minus .003″-.007″ depending on material. This allows us to ensure excellent quality control of our products. With this high-precision technology, we can quickly cut material as thick as 1” and as thin as .015”. But cutting metal is only one of many ways this technology can be used. Others include: engraving, welding, cleaning, and drilling. We also love using this technology because it is energy efficient and creates less noise than other forms of metal fabrication.

Our Laser Cutting Service Process

Here’s an oveview of how the laser cutting process works. Your idea is designed in graphic format and converted to a vector file. This gives the laser cutting machine parameters to work with. You can choose the size, shape, and number of the designs you would like to cut out. The file is then sent to the laser cutter which uses thermal separation to make the cut. The depth of the cut is also predetermined. A deep cut with the laser will separate the material, while a shallow enough cut will only engrave the image on the metal.

AP Precision has years of experience with fiber-laser fabrication in San Diego. While our facility is able produce high volume industrial projects, we also love working with local customers that might have a single pet project in mind. If you are adept at CAD/CNC design, feel free to come to us with a fully fleshed out vector graphic. But, if you are totally new to metal fabrication and need help fleshing out your idea, we are happy to help design and produce your project. Let AP Precision help you with your project!

What Materials Do we specialize in with our Laser Cutting Service in San Diego?

Here are some of the materials that AP Precision specializes in laser cutting.

Stainless Steel

.015″-1.00″ *depending on material

Cutting Tolerances:
+/- .003″-.007″ *depending on material

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