Sheet Metal Fabrication Near Me


If you have found yourself searching for “sheet metal fabrication near me”, we at AP Precision Metals are here to help! We have over 20 years of experience with sheet metal fabrication in San Diego and have some of the most cutting edge machines in the industry to ensure your fabrication job is the highest quality possible. We are proud to serve clients in a variety of different industries like robotics, engineering, electronics, aerospace, architectural, and design. We would love to talk to you about your sheet metal fabrication needs and see if our services and your needs are a good fit.

Our San Diego History


AP Precision Metals, Inc. was founded in 1998. Our originators, Lane Litke and Victor Miller, saw a need for highly-precise metal fabrication for the growing robotics industry in San Diego. They combined their extensive material knowledge with a strong set of business principles to make AP Precision what it is today. San Diego’s growing biotechnology, defense, and computer industries have continued to push our business to new heights, allowing us to utilize techniques like laser cutting, CNC machining, and custom metal finishes. When you search for “custom metal fabrication near me,” it’s likely that you’ll see our work pop up. Our reputation for reliability, attention to detail, fast turnarounds, and excellent customer service make us stand out from our competitors.

Our Standards


Quality is our number one focus with every sheet metal fabrication job that comes through our shop. We operate with a dedicated quality control department and also ensure that our processes meet the strict ISO standards that our ISO and CE certified clients must adhere to. Additionally we do everything in our power to reduce the amount of waste in sheet metal fabrication process and ensure that our processes are as lean as possible while still delivering a top notch product. To learn more about our customer experience just check out our REVIEWS HERE.

Our San Diego Services

If you are looking for sheet metal fabrication near you, look no further than our experienced team at AP Precision Metals.  Whether it is a small on off job or a large ongoing project we have worked with needs of all shapes and sizes and will be happy to discuss you specific need with you to decide whether or not your need and our services are a good fit.  Conacyt Us for a free sheet metal fabrication estimate.

Need a quote for your next custom sheet metal project?

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