The Best Powder Coating San Diego has to Offer

AP Precision’s in-house powder coating facilities play a critical role in powder coating chula vistaproviding the San Diego area with high-quality products, as well as a high standard of customer service. With our decades of industry experience, we found that having in house facilities increased our quality assurance while decreasing project turn-around time.

Powder Coating Providers in San Diego

There are a lot of great powder coat providers in the San Diego area, but we found that we preferred to manage the process from the top down. From helping our customer pick the right texture and color, to packaging the product after completion, we prefer to be able to watch over the process every step of the way. When you contract with a local powder coat specialist, even if they are close by, a lot of production time is eaten up by transportation alone. Since we complete the process in-house, we don’t have to worry about transportation time or other risks such as accidental damage in shipping or storage, unforeseen delays in production, or mistakes in the finished product due to miscommunication. We find that all of these risks are decreased when we complete the powder coating at our own facility.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the process by which a dry powder is electrostatically applied to a prepared metal surface, and then baked in an oven to finalize the coating process. The finished product is a thick, tough finish that is often preferable to conventional paint. Not only is powder coating often harder and stronger than normal paint, but it goes on in one coating before it gets cured in the oven. Compared to traditional painting which might call for two, three, or even four coats, this is a much faster, more efficient process.

This process gives an incredibly even finish as there are no drips or brush lines. And the process can be layered as well to give the product the desired texture and custom color. Not only is powder coating a strong, flexible color process, but it is also safer for the environment because it produces fewer volatile organic compounds. All of our a powder coats are ROHS Compliant and offer the gold standard in durability and environmental

We are proud to feature the powder coating service in-house. Not only does it allow us to shepherd the process from start to finish, but we have gained an incredible wealth of knowledge through years of practice and allows us to offer a competitive powder coating cost. We take pride in helping the customer decide the right color, texture, and structural characteristic of the powder coating. And with our expert attention to detail, we make sure that the process is done correctly every step of the way. Powder coating has an incredible amount of applications, and can stand up to extremes of heat, cold, UV, or moisture. From something as simple as aluminum shelving brackets for your kitchen, to your child’s first bike frame, to the guardrail surrounding your second story balcony, we know which form of powder coating is right for the application you need.

Powder Coat Product Color Charts

Below are links to the various color finishes available:
TCI Powder
Tiger Drylac
Sherwin Williams

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