Powder Coating CostFollowing the correct powder coating process is key to achieving beautiful, durable, and precise results. At AP Precision Materials, we employ LEAN, OSHA and ISO 9001 principles to ensure that our powder coating process is safe, flawless, and cost-effective. From quoting to curing, we deliver projects for a range of clients across the automotive, robotics, architectural, design, and manufacturing industries. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your powder coating project.

Why Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating provides an even, polished surface on a wide range of metals including aluminum, steel, alloys, and more. It’s a popular technique for both commercial and private clients and can be executed in a huge range of colors and finishes. Powder coating delivers precise results and is often a more environmentally-friendly option than liquid or spray paints since the process does not release any volatile organic compounds.

Prepping Materials for the Powder Coating Process

One of the most important steps in the powder coating process is proper surface preparation. Depending upon the size and metallic makeup of your part, we’ll use chemical solvents or sandblasting to smooth and clean the surface. Each part must be carefully prepared as any debris or trace particles can lead to inconsistent results.

Powder Coating Application & Curing

The powder coat is typically applied with an electrostatic gun. As the gun sprays powder across the metal surface, it imparts a positive electric charge to the powder. The charged powder then sticks to the metal object. Then, the part is moved into a convection oven or infrared heater for curing. The curing time depends upon the size of the part and the chosen drying technique, but can be as little as ten minutes. 

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