Anyone asking, “what is powder coating?” will quickly find out that it’s one of the most popular metal finishing techniques used around the world. Powder coating is durable, economical, and attractive, and is perfect for a huge range of industries including architecture, furniture design, electronics, aerospace, automotive applications, and household appliances. Chances are, several of the items in your kitchen or garage are coated with this revolutionary material.

The Science of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a two-part process. First, technicians use an electrostatically-charged spray gun to apply an even coat of powder onto the surface of the object. The powder is made up of polymers, pigments, textural agents, and curing chemicals. Next, the coated part is baked in a specialized curing oven. The curing time for each part depends on the size and nature of the coating, but can be as fast as one hour. Finally, the part is removed from the curing oven and checked for consistency. Since there are no brushes, liquids, or aerosol sprays involved in the process, the coating keeps an even, stroke-free quality.

The Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is an extremely durable option. It can stand up to heat, sun exposure, cold, and daily wear. This makes it an ideal option for industrial applications. Powder coating is also very versatile; there are hundreds of different textures, finishes, and colors available. It can be applied to metallic or non-metallic surfaces (like plastic or fiberboard). Since there is less waste and fewer chemicals required than in other painted finishes, powder coating can also be an environmentally-friendly choice.

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