If you’ve ever wondered how a laser cutting machine works, it’s important to understand the 3 different types of laser technology: crystal, gas, and fiber. AP Precision utilizes fiber laser technology for its ability to easily cut through reflective materials, like steel, copper, or brass.


How A Laser Cutting Machine Works

A laser cutting machine works by sending a beam through a fiber embedded with rare earth elements. The fiber carries the laser photons through a mirrored cladding, magnifying its strength. The laser cutting machine cuts along the path laid out by a vector drawing. This technology allows us to create precise cuts in materials as thick as 1”. We also utilize laser cutting machines for engraving, welding, cleaning, and drilling projects.


Laser Cutting Machine Process

Every project starts with a digital vector drawing of the item you’d like to make. This drawing serves as a blueprint for the laser cutting machine. You can also program the size, shape, depth of cut, and number of designs included in each project. Once the laser cutting machine is programmed with your design, our technicians will place raw material on the machine bed. The fiber laser then cuts or etches according to your vectorized design, allowing for cutting tolerances of +/- .003″-.007″. After the part is cut, it is cleaned and labelled by our team. Next, it is sent to our quality control team for review, then packed and shipped.


How a Laser Cutting Machine Works in Different Industries

Laser cutting is an excellent tool for both high-output production projects or one-off custom designs. It can be used to cut a range of metals including copper, brass, steel, gold, and other alloys. We execute projects for a range of industries including robotics, architectural, design, computer engineering, biotech, and more.

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