What Is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a highly precise and efficient way to cut and engrave metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, and steel. The process starts with the creation of a vectorized drawing. This drawing provides the laser with a blueprint on where to make each cut. Once the laser cutting machine has been programmed, the raw material is positioned on the cutting bed. After ensuring alignment, the technician programs the laser to make precise cuts along the surface, following the design laid out in the drawing. The laser beam is assisted with gas, metallic fibers, and a mirrored lens. This technology provides a clean and exact cut.

What is Laser Cutting Used For?

At AP Precision, we use laser cutting to execute an array of projects. From detailed robotics parts to large scale architectural elements, laser cutting can be used for both small and large scale applications, including:

  • Small run prototypes
  • Precise parts for robotics or electronics
  • Aeronautic & automotive elements
  • Architectural elements
  • Furniture and product design
  • Jewelry and ornamental projects

Quick Facts About Laser Cutting

  • Can be used on materials with a thickness of .015″-1.00″
  • Cutting tolerances of +/- .003″-.007″
  • Can be used on wood, glass, acrylic, metal, and more
Laser Cutting Shops LA

What Industries Use Laser Cutting?

More industries than ever are utilizing laser cutting technology for projects with elevated precision and efficiency. At AP Precision, we work with robotics companies, electric engineers, architects, designers, engineers, biomedical, and more. Get your project started with a free quote from our team today.

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