Custom Cut Sheet Metal

We offer high-precision, custom cut sheet metal for a range of industries across Southern California and beyond. Our rapid production techniques and commitment to quality ensure that each project is completed accurately and on-time. Our dedicated, in-house quality assurance department operates within ISO 9001 standards, and our experienced metal fabricators are well-versed in several custom cut sheet metal techniques.

Custom Cut Sheet Metal Techniques

Whether you need custom cut sheet metal for a one-off project or for a recurring production need, AP Precision can help. Our knowledgeable team delivers best-in-class services for a range of metal fabrication processes. You can see examples of our recent projects, or read more about our offerings on our blog. Depending upon your specifications, materials, and timeline, we can provide a variety of services for your custom cut sheet metal projects:

Laser-Cutting –

AP Precision employs fiber lasers and other advanced technology to render complex curves, high-tolerance parts, high-efficiency yields, thin components, and etched plates. Laser cutting is an efficient and precise way to approach custom cut sheet metal jobs and can be used for both small and larger projects. We can cut sheet metal, copper, and brass plates with this technique.

Turret Punch –

The turret punch is a fast and cost effective method for custom cut sheet metal projects. We use this technique for medium tolerance components, weldments, stamped parts, louvers, and logos.

CNC Press Brakes –

The press brake is used to bend and form custom cut sheet metal. We typically use this approach for specialty tools, architectural parts, or small components for our design and manufacturing clients.

Industries We Serve – 

AP Precision was formed by Southern California’s emerging need for high-precision metal fabrication. A growing technology industry, paired with high-skilled workers and a commitment to quality has allowed AP Precision to become one of the most advanced metal fabricators in the region. Our ongoing focus on quality and accuracy enable us to support a wide field of local and international industries, including:

  • Robotics 
  • Bio-Medical 
  • Military 
  • Computing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Power & Energy Production 
  • Lighting
  • Architecture & Design 
  • Consumer Goods 
  • Hospitality

Our Production Process & Quality Assurance

Our customers rely on us to deliver accuracy and attention to detail in everything we do. Each project begins with a detailed quote, including specifications for dimensions, materials, tolerances, quantity, turn-around-time, shipping, and delivery costs. Once the estimate is finalized, production begins. Each job is reviewed by our Quality Control department, which operates according to ISO 9001 standards. After the parts are approved, our shipping department carefully labels and packs each item in the order. This helps to ensure our parts arrive undamaged and are easily identifiable by your team.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

In addition to custom cut sheet metal, we offer several in-house metal fabrication services to meet our clients’ needs. Our full-service production capabilities allow us to control the entire process from start to finish, improving accuracy, costs, and turn-around-time. Our facilities are outfitted to provide advanced metal fabrication techniques, including: 


If you need a quote for an upcoming custom cut sheet metal project, contact us today.

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