Contract Manufacturing San Diego

We provide contract manufacturing in San Diego for a range of clients and industries. Our experienced team delivers high-quality, accurate parts, in compliance with ISO 9001 and CE industry standards. As a metal fabrication business, AP Precision Metals focuses on rapid prototyping, large production orders, high-precision machining, and other special projects to meet the unique needs of contract manufacturing in San Diego. From submitting accurate estimates to correctly labelling and packing each order, our production methods ensure quality throughout every step of the process.

Capacity and Production Methodology

In order to prioritize our contract manufacturing projects in San Diego, we keep our standard production level below 30% capacity. Since we work with San Diego’s automotive, aerospace, robotics, and biotechnology industries, we utilize KANBAN, LEAN, and ISO 9001 standards to ensure that orders are created on time and according to their detailed specifications. Contact us today for an estimate or for more information about our precision metal fabrication services.  

In-House Contract Manufacturing Services

AP Precision Metals is one of San Diego’s most comprehensive contract manufacturing providers. Our in-house metal fabrication services include: 

Contact us today to receive a free estimate for your project.

Quality Control

At AP Precision, our San Diego contract manufacturing team is experienced in working according to ISO 9001 and CE standards. Our dedicated QC team ensures that all orders are produced according to specified tolerances, and that orders are kept safe and organized before they are shipped. 

Packaging and Delivery

As an experienced contract manufacturing vendor in San Diego, we know how crucial correct packing and timely shipping is for our clients. We carefully prepare and label every part in your order, and offer daily deliveries around Southern California. 



About Our Team


AP Precision Metals was founded in 1998 based on a growing need for high-precision metal fabrication in San Diego. As a small, locally-owned and operated business, we take pride in our dedicated employees and our recent projects

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