Our custom sheet metal shop is equipped to handle steel, brass, copper, and other alloys at a range of thicknesses and sizes. Our experienced team works to ISO 9001 standards, providing custom sheet metal projects for commercial contracts and one-off clients throughout Southern California. Our in-house quality control team ensures that every part leaving our custom sheet metal shop is cut, finished, and packed according to our customers’ requirements. In fact, our reputation for value and consistency has spurred our rapid growth over the years. Take a look at our range of recent projects here.

Our Custom Sheet Metal Services


Our custom sheet metal shop is home to some of the most advanced metal fabrication tools available. We offer sheet metal laser-cutting, turret punch, CNC machining, and more. Each process offers different qualities; we often employ multiple approaches to achieve highly-customized results.

CNC Press Brake: This tool is used to bend custom sheet metal parts, and is especially useful for creating specialty tooling, architectural parts, and small metal components.

Laser-Cutting: Our in-house fiber laser cutting machine is capable of rendering complex curves, high-tolerance parts, high-efficiency yields, thin components, and etched plates. This state-of-the-art process is extremely precise and efficient and can be used on steel, copper, and brass sheet metal. We offer laser cutting for industries including bio-medical, robotics, automotive, design, architectural, and military production.

Turret Punch: The turret punch is an excellent option for simple, high-yield orders. We use standard hole sizes, straight edges, and custom tools to quickly and cost-effectively create a range of different parts. This technique is ideal for medium tolerance components, weldments, stamped parts, louvers, and logos.

Powder Coating: Powder coating is a technique used to paint and seal custom sheet metal parts. During this process, an electrostatic powder is applied to the metal surface, then baked to yield a tough, resistant, and streak-free surface. Powder coating comes in several colors, finishes, and weather-resistant options. Read more about our in-house powder coating services here.

The Benefits of Choosing Custom Sheet Metal

For decades, custom sheet metal fabrication has been used to create vehicles, airplanes, machines, tools, architectural elements, small parts, and more. This reliable, durable, and highly-versatile material is resistant to corrosion and easy to manipulate. In recent times, new chemical compounds have been added to sheet metal to help it stand up to heat, cold, moisture, and UV rays. Custom sheet metal projects are a fast, affordable, and efficient way to manufacture a wide range of outputs.

Our custom sheet metal shop is committed to quality through every step of the process. From providing an accurate, detailed estimate to correctly packing and shipping your order, we know that consistent, high-quality work is what keeps our customers coming back. Each quote includes specifications for sheet metal type, tolerances, quantities, turnaround time, and delivery costs. Once we’ve aligned on your project, the custom sheet metal fabrication starts with an in-house production roadmap, ensuring that every part is accurately processed and labeled. Our quality control department operates according to ISO 9001 standards, and our packing and shipping department takes care to ensure that every order arrives un-damaged and on time.

Need a quote for your next custom sheet metal project?

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