Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in San Diego

The history of sheet metal manufacturing is surprisingly ancient and complex. sheet metal contractors san diegoSheet metal fabrication has been developed and used by everyone from the ancient Egyptians, to Leonardo Da Vinci, to the earliest labor unions of the industrial revolution. It is present in the production of the first coins, our first forms of automated transportation, in the Statue of Liberty, and in the homes and technology present in our daily lives.

At AP Precision we know the benefits of manufacturing products using sheet metal. Since sheet metal is created in large, lightweights sheets, it’s relatively easy to ship large amounts of material. Sheet metal is produced using chemicals that make it resistant to corrosion from moisture, heat, and UV rays. These chemical benefits hold up even if the sheet metal has been cut or scratched. While incredibly durable, sheet metal is also very malleable. It can be rolled, bent, sheared, and punched into whatever shape you need. This versatility lends itself to many different applications ranging from industrial, to residential construction, to artistic projects.

Experience Manufacturing Sheet Metal

AP Precision has many years of experience in sheet metal fabrication for customers in San Diego as well as companies nationwide. We take pride in our work and believe that integral to providing an excellent product, is providing a mutually beneficial and rewarding environment for our workers. Our employees’ career growth and skill development is important to us, and we are proud to have a team that has been with us since the beginning, many having started at entry level laborers and advancing to highly paid, skilled technicians.

Our Sheet Metal Manufacturing Staff in San Diego

On top of this continued investment in our staff, we also work to utilize the most current fabrication technology available. At AP Precision we are expert at standard sheet metal welding processes such as: Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW/Stick). We are also adept at using alternative fastening methods which include: rivets, mechanical fasteners (screws, bolts, tap & die), and VHB Tape. But where AP Precision really excels is in our use of CNC based cutting, forming, and punching technology. Below is a short description of each machine.

Sheet Metal Manufacturing Techniques

Fiber-Laser: This is a CNC laser cutting table that can cut sheet metal ranging from .015” to 1” thick. The structure of the fiber and its surrounding mirror cladding causes an intense and precise focus of the laser on the stock material and can cut to a tolerance of plus or minus .003″-.007″, depending on the stock material. The laser cutter can cut just about any design you feed into the computer program.

Turret Punch: The turret punch is an amazing, high-speed machine, that can take whole expanses of sheet metal and using a variety of standard punch tools, mass produce anything from mailboxes to computer housings. And similar to the laser cutter, the turret punch runs on CAD/CNC technology. This makes it relatively easy to design the product and have it punched out in no time.

CNC Press Brake: The CNC press brake is your one-stop shop for making bends in your sheet metal project. Since it is programmable and automated, it boosts accuracy and efficiency. It will bend your sheet metal product to the right angle every time.

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