Contract Manufacturing Chula Vista

If you’re a small business based in Southern California and need contract manufacturing services in Chula Vista , AP Precision has you covered.  Founded in 1998, AP Precision has been serving the San Diego area for over twenty years, providing a full-range of fabrication services for businesses both large, and small.


The AP Precision  Difference

Local businesses have consistently chosen AP Precision over the years because they not only handle rapid production increases, but also offer expedited prototypes alongside a flexible production mode.

What does this mean for you? Because AP Precision handles large parts of the manufacturing process in-house, they use LEAN manufacturing principles, so they’re able to scale where needed in order to escalate or deescalate production, all  while maintaining the benefits of material and process controls.


In short: this means customers consistently receive:

  • Higher quality end-products
  • Cost reduction/more accurate cost analysis
  • Savings on materials and application 
  • Speedier turnaround
  • Wider range of end-to-end options
  • Industry-specific products


What to Expect: the AP Precision Process 

Contract manufacturing needs vary drastically and depend on several key factors, which include:


  1. Client type ( e.g. commercial, boutique)
  2. Industry (e.g. biomedical, tech, military)
  3. Project needs (e.g. metal forging, CNC machining)


As a seasoned professional in the industry, AP Precision understands that contract manufacturing simply can’t be one-size-fits-all, and has created a model that fits a wide range of client, industry and project types.  When working with AP Precision you can expect a customized approach, which includes several phases.


Phase 1.  Design.  During this stage, AP Precision works closely with their clients to nail down scope, product usage and design elements. They’ll go over materials options and methodology so you can choose a combination that works best for your budget.

Phase 2.  Production. Using those LEAN principles we covered earlier, in this part of the process, your product is engineered and assembled according to your unique specifications and tailored project plan.

Phase 3. Quality Control. A key differentiator with AP Precision is their dedicated quality control department. AP Precision works with customers which are ISO 9001 and CE certified, so  consistency, accuracy and quality is paramount. To help meet stringent requirements, AP Precision operates with ISO Standards and leverages in-house processes to guarantee quality.

Phase 4. Packaging & Delivery of Final Product. After production is complete, AP Precision carefully packages all of their parts in-house, using product-safe materials. Because they staff a fleet of in-house delivery service trucks, they’re also able to make regular deliveries throughout the region, while long- distance shipments are sent through their contracts with ESTES and UPS.


Contract Manufacturing Services 

Whether your project is big or small, an ongoing need, or a one-and-a-done kind of project, AP Precision can offer a wide range of material and process applications. Here are just a few of the services they routinely provide:

Precision metal fabrication. This process involves the cutting, bending and formation of very precise pieces of metal through various techniques/machines, including welding, powder coating, and CNC press breaks. This process is used by almost every industry imaginable, from architectural and bio-medical, to the military and for consumer and luxury goods.

Plate cutting. Using CNC technology, this technique makes for cleaner, more accurate shapes for things like jewelry, automobile frames, lawn and surgical tools… the list goes on and on.

Laser cutting. This method makes very precise incisions using a broad range of materials. This process is used to make almost anything you can imagine, from ornaments and professional signs, to coasters, lamps and more.

Welding. This technique can be used to join both metals and plastics. AP Precision uses several different forms of welding including Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, which is a precise and deeply penetrative weld, resulting in a versatile yet clean weld; Gas Metal Arc Welding, which is a fast and efficient technique  which produces anything from bike frames to lawn furniture; and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW, Stick) which is a versatile go-to for all steel projects, bit or small.

Powder coating service.  This method  works by electrostatically applying a dry powder paint to a  metal surface,which is then baked in an oven to finalize. The finished product is much thicker and tougher compared to conventional paint applications.

Brass cutting. Whether for making instruments, interior design elements or parts for other projects, brass cutting helps achieve fine applications for a broad range of specifications.

Copper cutting.   Using either precision tools or laser cutting, copper cutting is a technique used for fine, detailed work required for jewelry making, or for larger pieces needed for building complex electronics or for architectural design.


About AP Precision 

Founded in 1998, AP Precision was created to fill a need for metal products in order to meet the demands of their growing robotics company. Twenty-three years later, AP Precision has progressed to offer an array of contract manufacturing services in San Diego. Their founding principle is quite simple: to provide stable, long-term, precision metal fabrication for businesses of all sizes and shapes throughout Southern California.