AP Precision’s in-house powder coating facilities are critical to our ability to provide customers with high-quality products. With decades of industry experience, we’ve found that outside processing of powder coat was too unpredictable. By having this capability in house, we have full control over surface quality, color matching, baking, curing, and wrapping. We can quickly spot and correct material flaws before and after the paint process, and can easily handle special finish requests from our customers.

Our experience with powder coat technologies means we also know which paints are and aren’t appropriate for our customers’ applications. The wrong powdercoat or surface preparation can result in flaws which often don’t show until the customer has had the product in use for several years. Whether it is a highly cosmetic luxury product, or an item that will be exposed to extremes of heat, cold, UV or moisture, we know which paints will and won’t succeed. All of our a paints are ROHS Compliant and offer the gold standard in durability and environmental

Powder Coat Color Charts