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Design Engineering

Whether you are a small startup or an established business our engineering team takes pride in making your product the best on the market. We pay special attention to every job and design challenge that comes through our shop.

  • Concept to Assembly

    Let our engineering team take your product from concept to finished part. With our sheet metal expertise we can help you save money on production, create a product you can count on in the field and be proud to have your name on.

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • We place top priority on being readily available to analyze your prototype, spot potential problems, and get your part into production. AP Precision Metals works closely with their customers to ensure they get what they need, not just what they ask for.
  • Continual Improvement

  • Our engineers regularly interact with our customers to solve unique design and engineering challenges, reduce costs and improve the product.
  • Reverse Engineering

  • Our team can help you analyze a part in order to recreate or improve upon a specific feature.